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March Coach Update

April 6, 2018  |  0 comments

LaTasha has had a great March! She made a goal to not eat out in the month of March, and to-date, she has not eaten out once this month. She knows not spending the extra money to eat out has helped her in paying off extra debt this month. LaTasha has reached five digits in her total debt paid off during the Race!

LaTasha also changed her car insurance in March; by shopping around for the best rate, she was able to save $30 per month with her new insurance. At the end of March, LaTasha will go on a trip to New Orleans. She plans to work her second, part-time job to make the money she needs for the trip.

With only one month left to go in the ēCO Savings Race, Team Toney is making an ambitious savings goal for April. We are excited to encourage LaTasha for the homestretch in this competition and know that her accomplishments will be encouraging to everyone following her story throughout this final Race!

-Georgia and Judd

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