Team Sproule

Debt Snowball

October 10, 2017  |  3 comments

We all know that the one of the ways to achieve financial peace is through debt elimination.  We like what Dave Ramsey says about “tackling” the smaller debts first. This give you a sense of empowerment and ultimately starts the debt snowball effect.

Team Sproule decided to take Dave at his word and set a goal to quickly pay off (3) small credit cards and our son’s braces.  We looked at our budget and were able to make some creative changes which allowed us to achieve these goals.

The debts may have appeared small on paper but after paying them off it frees up $165 per month.  Now, we take that money and roll it into another debt and keep that debt snowball rolling.  

So proud of you guys ❤️
10/22/2017 8:16:27 AM

Stacie myrex
10/20/2017 9:11:31 AM

This is wonderful! I am definitely going to try this for myself.
10/10/2017 6:54:18 PM

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