Team Sproule

February Coach Update

March 12, 2018  |  0 comments

As we settle in the second half of the eCO Savings Race, Team Sproule is not slowing down! They continue to find ways to accomplish their goals in spite of the added expenses of having a newborn.

The Sproule’s have been able to maximize their savings on groceries by using strategies obtained from the Couponing and Meal Planning class. They are now planning ahead for meals, and they have reached out to several vendors, as well as family and friends, to request coupons (mainly for formula).  The response has been great and the coupons are flowing in!

In addition to finding ways to save, Bobby has put his carpenter skills to use to earn additional income for the household.  They are also using the Dave Ramsey’s budgeting software tool to assist in fine tuning their budget, and they are very pleased with the results.

The Sproules are definitely committed to maintaining a tight budget and improving their financial future.   It is rewarding to be a part of their journey and we look forward to their continued success!

-Shelia and Melissa

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