Team Sproule

January Coach Update

February 9, 2018  |  0 comments

We are so excited for the opportunity to step in and coach Team Sproule in the second half of the eCO Savings Race. Over the first few months of the Race, they continued to lay the groundwork to prepare for their adoption, and in December, they brought home their son, Noah! We are so excited for them!

As Team Sproule enters the second half of the Race, we feel that they have their eyes focused on their goals. They are working hard to look for more areas to cut back, as they will have many additional adoption expenses in the coming months. They’ve also done a great job adjusting their budget throughout Melissa’s maternity leave and the increased costs that accompany a newborn.

Melissa and Bobby have also been including their oldest son, Ethan, in the Savings Race process. From evaluating purchases at the grocery store to putting money in his give, save and spend jars, Ethan is learning a lot. We are excited to see how this impacts him for years to come.

Team Sproule is on the right track, and we can’t wait to see their continued accomplishments.

-Melissa and Shelia

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