Team Creekmore

February Coach Update

March 12, 2018  |  0 comments

The Creekmores are not slowing down! Even with additional expenses during the month of February, they were able to make progress towards their goals. Their son Joseph sustained a concussion playing soccer. This resulted in an additional medical expense. Also, they had the expense of having their income taxes filed this month. Even so, they were able to apply an additional $300 to debt during the month of February. They were also able to give more to the church.

The Creekmores are not making impulse buys now. They are staying busy with extra jobs at school. Jamie is teaching a homebound student on a contract basis. We do not know how much money that will bring in at this time.

The kids are also learning throughout the Race. Joseph now has over $100 in his save jar now. Their son Daniel is adding to his savings as well. Daniel is considering a summer internship that will help pay off student loan debt.

The Creekmores continue to encourage family and friends to vote for them.

-Jeff and Kenny

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