Meet the Teams

The Finalists

Team Creekmore

“We're like everybody else, and we've made some mistakes that we need to fix…I think we are really relatable."

Jamie and Carol Creekmore are both educators, and they are looking for a way to improve their financial picture- not only to prepare themselves for retirement, but for their two sons who are in college and 10th grade.

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Team Shepherd

“We spend casually; if we see something, we buy it… Dealing with credit card debt is stressful, and I don't want us to have that type of life. I want us to provide good examples for our children. I want for them to live financially stable.”

Timothy and Chasiti decided it was time to get a grip on their finances when they found out they have a second little one on the way! The Shepherds are ready to start working together, spending less to save for the extra expenses their second bundle of joy will bring.

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Team Sproule

“We have dedicated all of our savings to a domestic adoption… It's going to be uncomfortable for us to be open about our financial situation, but I would appreciate someone being open with theirs so we could benefit from that.”

Bobby and Melissa are excited to increase their savings as they go from a family of three to a family of four through adoption! Every penny that they save will be earmarked for their adoption, so they are incredibly committed to finding more ways to cut costs.

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Team Toney

“I want to be able to do things with my life before I reach a certain age, so I feel like [debt is] hindering me from being where I want to be.”

LaTasha is ready to make some changes to her financial picture! She is ready to tackle (and eliminate) debt while also building up her savings. LaTasha is eager to learn more about her finances and to teach those watching the ēCO Savings Race from her experiences in paying off debt and aggressively saving.

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At Home Teams

Team Grinfield

“I'm a single mom and work two jobs. There were several bumps in the road that I had to experience. When you get out there, you can't depend on anyone else to manage your money but you.”

Heather is a single mom of two high-schoolers, all while working two jobs to provide for her family. Heather is eager to learn more about where her money goes each month and how to save more of her hard-earned cash.

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Team Hicks

"I want to get rid of as much debt as possible; I want to be able to retire and enjoy my retirement. I am excited! I want to get busy and get rid of all of this debt. I'm ready!”

Anjanette and daughter Anjelica are excited to join the ēCO Savings Race to start tackling their debts as a team. Anjelica's 4-year-old son is a great motivation to learn more about how to aggressively pay off their debt so that his future is brighter!

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Team Kidd

“I think learning about finances- personal finances- is the best tool that manages a family. I want to retire from my primary job at 60… I'm a veteran and I've already done 20 years active duty”

Dorothy is a veteran who also works two jobs. She is looking forward to retiring and not working past the age of 62. Taking care of her two 16-year-old granddaughters is encouraging her to get on the right track with her finances to teach and prepare them for the future.

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