About the ēCO Savings Race

“The Savings Race has been my savings grace.”
First Edition Winner, Kristy Roy

“The Race has been our miracle. It has blessed our family tremendously. The Race has changed our outlook on our future and changed our family tree. We are now able to dream things we never thought possible before the ēCO Savings Race.”
Second Edition Winner, The Dodd Family

“The ēCO Savings Race has changed our lives more than we could have ever imagined. Its effects will be felt in the Deal family for generations. The race was an absolute Godsend.”
Third Edition Winner, The Deal Family

Many Americans struggle with being caught in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Debt becomes a term associated with fear and anxiety, and savings can seem like an unreachable dream. ēCO Credit Union wants to help members and the community break the cycle and live a life of financial peace.

During the first ēCO Savings Race, ēCO Credit Union helped four individuals begin the process of improving their finances. After eight months of education, coaching, and sacrifices, participants improved their financial pictures by more than $44,000! Through the Second Edition, three teams improved their financial pictures by more than $75,000! The Third Edition of the ēCO Savings Race just came to a close. During the Third Edition, four teams improved their financial pictures by more than $106,000!

We are now in search of participants to compete in the Fourth Edition of the ēCO Savings Race.

Do you want to win $10,000 and improve your financial picture?

The ēCO Savings Race Fourth Edition is perfect for you. Each team will be paired with two ēCO coaches to form a team. Teams will work together to create strategies and goals to improve the teams’ financial pictures. All Savings Race teams will complete the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program and attend ēCO Savings Race University courses. Throughout the journey, they will post updates to the Savings Race site to keep the public updated on their savings progress. WIAT 42 will also follow the teams, providing regular updates and sharing practical tips from the teams.

After eight months, the winner of the ēCO Savings Race Fourth Edition will be declared! Along with healthier finances, the winner will also receive the $10,000 GRAND PRIZE! All runner-up teams will receive $2,000 just for participating.

If you have any questions about the ēCO Savings Race, please contact ēCO Marketing Manager, Nathan Pearman, at npearman@ecocu.org or 205.226.3911.