eCO Savings Race University
eCO Savings Race University courses are designed to help you learn practical ways to improve your financial picture. All eSRU courses are free and open to the public. We are excited to offer six Savings Race University Courses in 2015!


February 21

9:30- Couponing 101
Couponing can help you and your family save on the essentials each month. Tabitha Hanner, blogger at will share basic couponing tips and tricks to help you save at the checkout counter.

10:45- Meal Planning 101
When you look at your monthly expenses does dining out account for a major portion of your budget? Taking time to plan your meals and eating at home can save you thousands over the course of a year. Heather, blogger at, will share practical tips to meal plan on a budget.

March 7

9:30- Cash Flow Planning 101
It’s nearly impossible to make your money work for you without first telling it where to go. Cash Flow Planning might sound intimidating, but once you start, you will quickly see ways to improve your finances. Learn more about Cash Flow Planning and receive access to a simple Cash Flow Planning Spreadsheet to help you get started.

10:45- Auto Buying 101
Rebates, Kelly Blue Book Value, Sales Tactics… Buying a car can be confusing. Over the years, eCO has helped many people purchase the car of their dreams. Learn more about the auto buying process from some of our favorite experts.

April 11

9:30- Kids and Money 101
The sooner you teach your kids about money—the better. Learn more about ways to involve your kids in financial decision making and how eCO can help you!

10:45- College Planning 101
It’s never too early to begin planning for college. Join us as we discuss saving and planning for college.  

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All eCO Savings Race University courses will be taught at the Lakeshore Hampton Inn: 30 State Farm Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35209.
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